Find the perfect roommate.

Make your search for the right room and roommate quick, easy, and enjoyable. You'll only see people that are real, relevant, and ready to move-in! Welcome to the new standard.

Available for iOS. Android coming soon.
Currently available in San Francisco.

Personality, preferences, and place.

We provide a match percentage with potential roommates based on who you are, what you're looking for, and where you want to live. You can use it to quickly make a decision on which way to swipe!

Real friends of real people.

Seek requires you to log in with Facebook to verify your identity. It also allows us to show any mutual friends you may have with potential roommates!

Spam-free safe connections.

Sifting through hundreds of email responses to a Craigslist post is no way to find a roommate. With Seek, only people you've matched with can message you.